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Saturday, May 25, 2019
Caroline's Blog

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Wednesday, April 12, 2006
New Developments
By Greg Blaum @ 8:17 PM :: 1262 Views :: 0 Comments ::

Today after I got home from work I noticed that when I was changing Caroline, she would stare intently at me.  In fact, when I moved around the pack-n-play to put the dirty diaper into the diaper champ, she turned her head towards me and continued to stare quietly at me.  When I moved back to the spot where I need to be in order to put a new diaper on her, she moved her head back.  She's also starting to use her hands much more often.  Sometimes while breast feeding, she'll put her hands on Krista, and she's also starting to put her hands on me when I'm holding her.


Krista used a new trick today to get her to calm down some.  She put her in the carseat, sat it on the dryer, and turned the dryer on.  This immediately calmed Caroline down and she was asleep within minutes.  We're going to have to remember that one.

Tuesday, April 11, 2006
Caroline visits Microsoft
By Greg Blaum @ 4:27 PM :: 1261 Views :: 0 Comments ::
Well, kind of...  Krista was out with Caroline today for her 1st new mother's class at the hospital, and on the way home they stopped by my building and Daddy came downstairs to say hi.  In addition, Daddy brought a couple of co-workers with him (Jane & Steve) so they could also see Caroline.
Monday, April 10, 2006
1 month checkup
By Greg Blaum @ 7:19 PM :: 1321 Views :: 0 Comments ::

Today was Caroline's 1 month checkup with the pediatrician.  When she was born, we had additional screenings done, beyond what the state of Washington normally requires for newborns.  ALL of Caroline's screenings came back fine, and she is in perfect health.  The doctor examined her and said she's beautiful and doing great.  She had her second hepatitis B vaccination and she wailed when the nurse stuck her with the needle.  All was better soon though, as she calmed down once we got her back in the car and started home.


Here are her key stats as of today:

  • Height:  21"
  • Weight:  7lbs, 9 ozs
Sunday, April 09, 2006
Evergreen visit
By Greg Blaum @ 7:49 PM :: 1217 Views :: 0 Comments ::

We all made a short little side-trip to Evergreen Hospital today, where Krista met a couple of her co-workers for lunch.  We met and had lunch with Laura and Mona.  Of course, a big part of the reason for this was so everyone could see Caroline, so we brought her along.  After lunch, we had to make the mandatory stop at the Inpatient Pharmacy so everyone that was working today could also see Krista and Caroline.  The minute we walked in to the Pharmacy, Rei took off her lab coat and washed her hands because she wanted to hold Caroline (which she eventually did).  Of course, everyone made comments on how cute Caroline is, but Mommy and Daddy already knew that...  <grin>

Saturday, April 08, 2006
Burgermaster rules!
By Greg Blaum @ 11:27 PM :: 1177 Views :: 0 Comments ::

By about 8:30pm tonight, we still hadn't eaten dinner because we'd been working with Caroline.  So, Daddy got a good idea (yes, it has been known to happen once in a blue moon).


We realized that we hadn't yet eaten at Burgermaster since we moved here and we'd always been intending to do that, so we put Caroline in the carseat and off we went.  We figured this would have a two-prong effect:  Caroline would get nice and tired and sleep in the car, and we'd get food.


For those that don't know, Burgermaster is an old-style drive-in, where you drive up and a carhop comes out and takes your order.  They bring your food and drinks out to you on a plate that they place on the window and you eat in your car.


Now, these burgers were fantastic!  They reminded us both of Steak-n-Shake, mainly because of the way they were prepared.  The fries were really good too.  We split a chocolate malt, which was also yummy.


Needless to say, Burgermaster will become one of our regulars now.  It gets us out of the house, tastes really good, is inexpensive, and provides a nice way to get Caroline to calm down because of the car ride.

Saturday, April 08, 2006
Fussy day
By Greg Blaum @ 11:12 PM :: 1168 Views :: 0 Comments ::
Today was a pretty fussy day for Caroline.  She had a really good night on Friday though.  She slept for quite a while in-between feedings and also had a good morning on Saturday.  After about 11am though, things changed a bit.  She would feed, be up for 1-1.5 hrs, then sleep for about 30 minutes before wanting to feed again.  This meant that she never really got any good sleep during the day and early evening, so she was constantly fussy and made it difficult to get her to sleep.  Fortunately, the latter part of the evening has been better (see the next post for details on why).
Saturday, April 08, 2006
Tonya & Thomas leave
By Greg Blaum @ 11:08 PM :: 1247 Views :: 0 Comments ::
Krista's sister Tonya and her little boy, Thomas, left Friday night.  They were here visiting for a week.  We hadn't seen Thomas since he was about 3 months old, and he's now 1 yr old.  He's gotten much bigger, and provided us a glimpse into the future for what we might expect when Caroline is 1 yr old.
Wednesday, April 05, 2006
Grandma Blaum leaves
By Greg Blaum @ 7:56 PM :: 1275 Views :: 0 Comments ::
Grandma Blaum left today, after spending a lot of time here helping out before and after Caroline's birth.  She was a huge help, doing everything from late night changes, calming Caroline down, taking her for a bit of time so Mommy & Daddy could get some rest, as well as the more mundane things such as cooking, laundry, and cleaning.  We would like to express our gratitude to Grandma Blaum for the time she spent with us and the help she provided.  THANKS GRANDMA!
Tuesday, April 04, 2006
First end-to-end bottle feeding by Daddy
By Greg Blaum @ 10:04 PM :: 1201 Views :: 0 Comments ::
Tonight was the first full end-to-end bottle feeding by Daddy.  Before tonight, I had been presented with an already warmed-up bottle.  Krista was downstairs on the treadmill when Caroline decided she wanted to eat.  So I went to the refrigerator, grabbed a previously pumped bottle of breastmilk, warmed it up in the bottle warmer, then fed Caroline.  She gobbled down the entire bottle.  Of course, it wasn't enough and Mommy had to top her off, but it was still a landmark...
Tuesday, April 04, 2006
First bottle
By Greg Blaum @ 12:06 PM :: 1122 Views :: 0 Comments ::
Caroline took her first bottle yesterday, 4/3/06.  She did pretty well, taking about 1oz of breastmilk that Krista had pumped into a bottle.  Caroline is a very smart little baby, and picked up on it right away.  I do think we'll need to continue to work with her to make sure she takes it eagerly, since she got tired of it towards the end.
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