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Saturday, May 25, 2019
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Sunday, April 16, 2006
Long sleep
By Greg Blaum @ 10:53 AM :: 1755 Views ::

Wow, Caroline slept a long time last night, giving Mommy and Daddy the chance to sleep as well.  She had her last evening feed at around 12 and she went to sleep shortly after that.  Daddy waited until she was good and asleep and brought her up to the bedroom and placed her in her bassinet around 1:15.  She slept from then until around 6:30.  I believe that's the longest stretch of continuous sleep that she's had and it is certainly the longest time she's gone in-between feedings.


This is a good sign for her development, and she may be starting to sleep throught the night much sooner than anticipated.  Of course, she's doing lots of things sooner than expected.  Heck, we half-expect her to be solving differential equations before she reaches her first birthday...  he he he

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