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Saturday, May 25, 2019
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Monday, April 24, 2006
Baby Bjorn
By Greg Blaum @ 12:16 AM :: 1773 Views ::

Sunday was the first time that Caroline got to go for a "ride" in the Baby Bjorn baby carrier.  We took a short walk in the neighborhood and Daddy was the one that carried little Caroline in the Baby Bjorn.  She fussed a little bit, but by about halfway through the walk she had calmed down and fallen asleep.  It looks like we'll get good use out of the Baby Bjorn carrier.


We stopped and chatted a bit with our neighbors up the hill, the Damata's.  We got a chance to see 3 of their 4 kids (their baby was in his crib), and both Lamar and Shae.  It was nice visiting with them; they're good people.  Shae has a small home business and she made a nice little baby blankie as a gift for baby Caroline.

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