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Saturday, May 25, 2019
Caroline Grace Blaum information

This section of the site is dedicated to our daughter, Caroline Grace Blaum:

Here are some fun facts about Caroline:

  1. Due date:  3/8/2006.
  2. Gift Registries:
    1. BabiesRUs (Amazon.com)
    2. BabyCenter.com
  3. Birth date:  3/9/2006.  Interestingly, Caroline's original due date was 3/9/2006.  After the 21 week ultrasound, they modified that date to be 3/8/2006.  Looks like the first date was right all along.
  4. Location of birth:  Bellevue, Washington
  5. Time of birth:  2:09pm Pacific Time
  6. Weight at birth:  6 lbs, 12 ozs
  7. Length at birth:  19.5 inches
  8. Cuteness at birth:  IMMEASURABLE
  9. Caroline's first name was derived from Krista's mother, Carolyn.  Carolyn passed away in 1988, while Krista was a freshman in college.  Caroline's middle name, Grace, doesn't hold any family significance; we just liked the way it sounded with Caroline as a first name.
  10. Caroline and her parents seem to have an affinity for the number 3 and its multiples.  Here are some very interesting facts about Caroline, her parents, and the number 3.
    1. Caroline is the 3rd human member of the family.
    2. Caroline's birthday, 3/9/06, includes all multiples of 3's.
    3. Caroline's birth month and year are the exact inverse of Greg's.
    4. We left the house at approximately 3:30am to go to the hospital.
    5. We parked on the 3rd level of the parking garage at the hospital when we arrived.
    6. When we checked in, we were assigned birthing room number 3.
    7. The Hospital Childbirth Center is on the 6th floor.
    8. The significant shift changes for nurses at the hospital that affected us the most were at 3pm.  One of our nurses said the baby should be born before she left her shift at 3pm (she was).  The nurse the next day wanted us to be checked out and on our way home by the end of her shift at 3pm (we were).
    9. The ages of Mommy and Daddy at Caroline's birth:  36 and 39.
    10. When we arrived at the hospital, Krista's contractions were 3 minutes apart.
    11. The minutes on the hour of Caroline's birth was 9 minutes after the hour.
    12. Her weight, both lbs and ozs, are multiples of 3.
    13. The total number of letters in her name is 18, also a multiple of 3.
    14. The last digit of our house number is 3.
    15. Greg's office at Microsoft at the time of Caroline's birth is on the 3rd floor.
    16. Greg's office number is 3330.
    17. The number of medical professionals in the room when Caroline was born was 3.  1 Doctor and 2 Nurses.


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